Taking care of our land

Our HIstory

Our land is located in the Umbria region of Italy, at the border with the northern Lazio region, where in the past centuries we have been producing cereals, legumes, olive oil and wine always following one fundamental principle: to operate respecting our people, our land and our environment.

Our Philosophy

Today, as Pasta producers, we continue to stand by our core values using ancient farming techniques that support a healthy lifestyle and protect the environment. Our durum wheat "Senatore Cappelli" does not have any contaminant and its cultivation is made completely without any pesticide, weedkiller, fungicide and chemical fertilizers.


In addition, our pasta is produced using stone-ground flour. Using this method the flour is not warmed up, keeping high nutritional values such as wheat germ and mineral salts (e.g. magnesium). As a result, our Pasta is extremely digestible and contains a low glicemic index, while offering a unique flavour.

"Man is what he eats“

Ludwig Feuerbach


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